The 1/3 Scale B-17 Bally Bomber

Can you imagine going from nothing and a set of plans to a flyable 1/3 scale B-17 like this? (And no, it isn’t an R/C aircraft.)

Well, Jack Bally and his friends from Dixon, Illinois could and after 10 years of construction the scaled down B-17G is just about ready to fly.
It is an all aluminum aircraft powered by four Hirth 3002 two cycle engines developing 80-90 horsepower each. (That should be just enough to achieve about 110 Kts. in level flight.)
Here are some specifications: Wingspan is 25 feet. Length is 34 feet 7 inches. Height is 6 feet 10 inches. Weight is approximately 1800 pounds.

B-17 Front View -This photo gives you an idea of just how big the airplane is.
B-17 -As viewed from the side.
B-17 -Aft view.

If you want to see a cool website and view many more photos of the Bally Bomber just click on the link:
The Bally Bomber Project