Miniatur Wunderland Airport

Would you believe that there is an airport that covers an area of only 494 square feet and yet cost $4.8 million and took seven years to build?
I should admit that this airport is a miniture airport and is part of a model railway and airport exhibit at Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany.
It is the world’s largest model airport/ railway and is called “Knuffingen Airport” which is based on the real life airport in Hamburg. There are 40 airplanes (Cessnas to Airbus and Boeings) and 90 vehicles that move about this incredible model. They all operate autonomously via 40 computer directed systems of wires and guided tows which really makes you think you are viewing an actual airport and its “beehive” of activity.
It is a total airport experience including passengers in the terminals and jetways, flashing lights on airport vehicles, luggage carts, and much more! The airport was completed and opened May 2011 and cycles between daytime and night time every 50 minutes.
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