Got Any Buried Treasure?

Three months ago 12 Supermarine Spitfires (possibly 20) were discovered in Burma (Myanmar). David Cundall, a Lincolnshire farmer from England, did some amazing detective work and after 15 years of searching found them buried 40 feet underground still in their original shipping crates (waxed wrapped, in greased paper, and with their joints tarred)!
Ground radar images confirm that there is indeed Spitfire aircraft with their wings packed inside the containers. These aircraft are Spitfire Mark XIV’s with Rolls Royce Griffon engines (2,035 HP.) which makes them even rarer than the Merlin powered Spits. (Of the 20,351 Spitfires produced only 2,053 were Griffon powered.)
The airplanes were shipped to Burma towards the end of WWII and just two weeks before the war ended were ordered (by Lord Louis Mountbatten) to be buried in order to protect them from falling into enemy hands. They carefully buried them in their original crates and then placed teak beams over top of them so they wouldn’t be crushed from the dirt piled on top. They should be in amazing condition as long as they haven’t been in contact with water. It’s interesting to note that of all of those aircraft produced only 44 survive today in airworthy condition.