84th Airdrome Photos from World War II

Here are some photos that I rediscovered from my Uncle’s service in the 84th Airdrome during World War II.
He never mentioned his service much to me so I really don’t know much about these photos and unfortunately he is no longer alive to answer any questions so….

This is a Curtiss P-40 on take off from a strip in the Philippines.
This is a Douglas A-20 Havock that my Uncle wrote the caption “My Ship” and New Guinea 1944 on the back of the photo. He was an armorer so he probably serviced this aircraft.
This is a Douglas C-54 Skymaster R5D four-engined transport aircraft.
Here is another view of a Douglas C-54.
Of course the most amazing photo that he took is this one of Col. Charles H. MacDonald’s P-38 Lightning “Putt Putt Maru”. I did a photo restoration of this photo in an earlier blog post. If you would like to follow along with the steps in the process and view the final result click here…
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