2011 Light Sport Airshow

I arrived at the Sebring, Florida airshow about 11 am. and although the weather was raining earlier it began to dry out and would become nice for the rest of the day.

There were plenty of Light Sport Aircraft on display but I wanted to only show two aircraft that caught my attention.
The first was this great looking Ultralight (yes ultralight) XEL Mosquito helicopter which was brought to the event and displayed by the owner/ builder. It generated a lot of interest and had quite the crowd around it but eventually I was able to take a picture. The owner said that the entire kit, complete with engine and instruments, was $31k and the helicopter kit is manufactured in Trenton, Florida. The aircraft is powered by an Italian two-stroke engine but there were 4-stroke and turbine engine options available but that these options would disqualify the aircraft for the ultralight category. He also said that it was built in just 3 months and most of the time was spent on the “fine details” such as the design and paint layout. The actual airframe was built in a month!
The second aircraft that caught my attention, as well as quite a few others, was this Storch 75% replica. It is built in about 500-700 hours and is of tube and fabric construction. There are several engine options avialable and it is capable of short field takeoffs and landings. It really sits high off the ground but then so did the original Storch. The replica Storch features many of the “authentic” features of the original design. Including folding wings, telescoping suspension system, leading edge slats, adjustable flaps and ailerons, and overhead and rear lookout panels for aerial surveillance. This airplane seats two in a tandem configuration and is quite nice; I loved the desert camouflage paint job.
Kits start at around $30k.

LSA 2011 Event

Sebring FloridaIt’s that time of year again the 2011 LSA event will be starting in Sebring, Florida (KSEF).
While there isn’t much happening in this photo starting January 20th to 23rd there will be a “beehive” of activity here because the 2011 Light Sport Airplane event will be going on.
Gates open at 8:00 AM, Exhibits open from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM (3:00 PM on Sunday). For more information go to the official website and check it out!