American Inventiveness

USAExperimental P-38Believe it or not this is actually a 2/3 scale experimental aircraft built by Jim O’hara. He is a retired aeronautical engineer professor and built the airplane entirely from scratch. It has a 38 foot wingspan and is powered by two 200 H.P. engines. If that weren’t amazing enough, he is over 80 years old!

Any Airplane Watchers Out There?

WWII ID poster

Airplane Watcher Spotter BookMany people during World War II were watching the skys for aircraft. They were often called “spotters” and they would watch, track, and identify (to the best of their ability) the aircraft they saw and would determine if it was a friend or foe.
Identification charts and booklets were published to aid in the process, just like the ones you see here.
These days I have noticed that people are still watching aircraft as they take off and land at the local airports, but now it is more of a hobby rather than a necessity. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a chart to help identify some of the airliners that you see landing and taking off? Take a look at the airliner chart I have posted below and see how many of the aircraft “sillouhettes” you can identify. (The answers are at the bottom of the chart.) Hint: number  9  & 10 are regional commuter jets.
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1.) Boeing 777      2.) Airbus 321
3.) Boeing 767      4.) Boeing 757
5.) Boeing 737      6.) Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) MD-90
7.) Airbus 320      8.) Airbus 319
9.) Bombardier CRJ 700      10.) Embraer EM190