Koala 202 Ultralight

Koala 202

Koala comic 202I was looking at some of my photos and I noticed this picture of a Koala 202 Ultralight that I built some time ago. It was a fun build and took 1800 hours to complete. Naturally I drew a caracature of the Koala and later on it became the basis of our Cub designclick here to see the Cub design.
The Koala has a 29’10″ wingspan and is 17′ 9″ in length. It is powered by a Rotax engine and cruises between 40- 60 mph with a stall speed of 25 mph!
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Monster RC Airshow

A couple of days ago we flew to Lake Wales, Florida and found out that there was going to be a Monster RC Airshow there soon.  I decided to go and take a few pictures, I hope you like them. RC DauntlessYou can see from the background, as this Dauntless RC model flys down runway 17, that there would be some weather passing through but it didn’t stop the fun and great model RC’s displayed at the show!GB RacerI always thought the GeeBee Racer was cool, you can see how big these RC’s are if you compare it to the size of the car in the background!RC F4U and P47

rc BVM Ultra BanditThere were many different types of aircraft models displayed and some were even turbine powered like the BVM Ultra Bandit. If you would like to see more photos of the show click here….

Fall Colors

Vermont MountainsI just thought everyone might like to see the fall colors of Vermont from our last trip. Click here to see more….

Ready For Takeoff!

Bird at DCAI noticed this small bird inside the terminal at Ronald Regan Washington National Airport the other day and couldn’t help but take a picture. Even the birds can’t wait to leave to go home!