RAF Training WWII in U.S.A.

With Memorial Day coming up soon many thanks go out to the veterans that made it possible for us to enjoy our freedom that we have here in the United States of America. But did you know that Royal Air Force pilots trained in America too?
There were 5 different plans for the training of RAF pilots in the U.S.A. during World War II:
The Refreshers Course- Training of U.S. citizens, who volunteered for service with a company called “British Aviation”. The idea was that they would be accepted for service with the RAF when they came to the UK. This course started in November 1940 and was intended to turn out 35 pilots per month.
The American Airways Navigation Course at Miami- Training of observers at an estimated rate of 840 per year. This training commenced in March 1941.
The BFTS (British Flying Training Schools)- Seven civilian operator schools for the RAF, financed largely by Lend-Lease turning out roughly 2,300 pilots per year. This course commenced in May 1941.
The Arnold Scheme- The use of U.S. Army Air Corps schools both (civil and service) to train RAF pupils. This too was financed largely by Lend-Lease, and it was producing roughly 4,000 pilots per year. This commenced in June 1941.
The Towers Scheme- Use of U.S. Navy schools for the training of Fleet Air Arm and RAF pilots, and possibly observers and wireless operators. Financed mainly by Lend-Lease and turning out pilots at the rate of 1200 per year. This commenced in July l94l.

There were seven contract civilian operators that handled the training for BFTS (British Flying Training Schools)- the schools were numbered:

• No. 1- Terrell, Texas operated by Major William F. Long- June 9, 1941 (2,200 trainees)
• No. 2- Lancaster, California by Major Corliss Champion Moseley (Polaris Flight Academy, later co-founder of Western Air Express)- June 9, 1941 (350 trainees?)
• No. 3- Miami, Oklahoma by Captain Maxwell W. Balfour (Spartan School of Aeronautics)- June 16, 1941 (2,124 trainees)
• No. 4- Mesa, Arizona by Mr. John Howard Connelly (Southwest Airways Company)- June 16, 1941 (1,200 trainees)
• No. 5- Arcadia, FL (later moved to) Clewiston, Florida by Mr. John Paul Riddle (Embry-Riddle Flying School)- July 17, 1941 (1,877 trainees)
• No. 6- Ponca City, Oklahoma by Mr. Harold S. Darr (then president of Braniff Airlines)- August 23, 1941 (1,113 trainees)
• No. 7- Sweetwater, Texas by Plosser-Prince Air Academy- June 15, 1942 but closed August 1942 (100 trainees)

I was surprised to find out that No. 5- BFTS was once located near Arcadia, Florida (we based our Piper Cherokee at XØ6 there) so let’s take a look at that school!
Embry-Riddle started training pilots in 1941 for the U.S. Army Air Corps at Carlstrom Field in Arcadia but in September 1941 the training of RAF cadets moved to the newly constructed Riddle Field in Clewiston, Florida.

Sectional 1943 Current Sectional

Dorr Field was one of at least 5 satellite airfields used to support flight training operations as a sub-base of Carlstrom Field; Carlstrom was used mostly for British pilots and Dorr for American pilots.

Move to Clewiston, Florida by September 1941
Carlstrom Field Dorr Field
Clewiston Field Sign Riddle-Clewiston Field

Here are the types of airplanes that the cadets trained in:
Primary training began in airplanes such as the Fairchild and Stearman and then basic training was done in the Vultee BT-13 and then advanced training progressed to the North American AT-6 (or Harvards).
At the beginning of the program, a time when the need for pilots was most acute, the RAF flight training curriculum had been reduced from the standard 150 hours to just 130. By the end of the war and with victory in sight, instruction was extended to 220 hours.
The training was designed to be 20 weeks total in duration, with intakes of 50 pupils every three weeks. The syllabus was divided into 2 stages, each 10 weeks in length. The first stage, involved 70 hrs. of flying in the primary trainers. The second advanced stage, involved 80 hrs. training in basic and advanced trainers, the pupil “cut rate” was estimated to be 28%.

Fairchild PT19 Stearmans
Vultee BT-13 North American AT6

The BFTSs continued on until the end of the war and on the August 27, 1945, 4 years after the first British cadets arrived in the USA, all flight training in America on behalf of the RAF came to an end. In all 6,921 RAF, and 558 USAAF pilots received their wings at these schools.

If you want to learn more about BFTS’s take a look at “Embry-Riddle at War: Aviation Training during World War II (Florida History and Culture)” you can get it here: Embry-Riddle at War: Aviation Training during World War II (Florida History and Culture) by Prof. Stephen G. Craft
Here is another book about BFTS’s: “The Royal Air Force in Texas: Training British Pilots in Terrell during World War II (War and the Southwest Series)” you can get it here: Embry-Riddle at War: Aviation Training during World War II (Florida History and Culture) by Tom Killebrew

New Details Regarding FAA Medical Checklist And BasicMed Program

On July 15, 2016, Congress passed legislation to extend the FAA’s funding. This legislation, FAA Extension, Safety, Security Act of 2016 (FESSA) includes relief from holding an FAA medical certificate for certain pilots. This relief is called BasicMed.
Although the FAA has published the BasicMed rules in Parts 61, 68, and 91, the regulations do not go into effect until May 1, 2017. This is to allow time for a comment period on the information collections, as required by the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995. After that point, if you meet the BasicMed requirements, you can operate without an FAA medical certificate.
click here to see the BasicMed Comprehensive Medical Examination Checklist (CMEC)
A BasicMed online medical course is now available. You can now take your BasicMed physical exam and take the medical course, in preparation for the May 1 effective date. Look for the updated BasicMed Advisory Circular (AC 68-1) to be issued on or about May 1, 2017.
Click here to go to the online BasicMed course…
Click here to go to the FAQ’s about FAA BasicMed…

Pilot Eligibility Pilots must hold a valid U.S. driver’s license and comply with any restrictions; have held a valid FAA medical certificate, regular or special issuance, on or after July 15, 2006; and not had their most recent medical revoked, suspended, or withdrawn, or most recent application denied. Pilots with a medical history or diagnosis of certain cardiac, neurological, or mental health conditions will need a one-time-only special issuance for each condition.
Aircraft Specifications Up to 6 seats, up to 6,000 lbs (no limitations on horsepower, number of engines, or gear type)
Flight Rules Day or night, VFR or IFR
Passengers Up to 5 passengers
Altitude Restriction Up to 18,000 feet msl
Geographic Limitation Within the United States (unless authorized)
Speed Limitation 250 knots indicated airspeed
Operating Limitation Cannot operate for compensation or hire, except for flight instruction and as permitted by 14 CFR 61.113
Aeromedical Training Free online course required every two years (24 calendar months)
Physician Visit Every four years (48 months)

First Floatplane

The first successful flight of a seaplane occurred on March 28, 1910. Henri Fabre was the inventor and pilot of the historical flight which took off from Étang de Berre, a lagoon on the Mediterranean coast of France, located about 15.5 miles (25 km) northwest of Marseille.
Interestingly enough Fabre was not a pilot and had no prior flying experience but he flew the floatplane successfully four times that day with the longest flight distance of 1968.5 feet (600 meters)! He patented his system of flotation devices and built floats for other aviation pioneers.
The aircraft used to make the first flight (later to be known as Hydravion) was a canard configured monoplane utilizing a system of beams patented by Fabre to form the fuselage, wings, and tail. It was powered by a 50 HP., seven cylinder Gnome Omega rotary engine driving a two-bladed pusher Chauvière propeller. The Hydravion was equipped with three broad floats: one at the front of the aircraft, the other two mounted on struts extending below the wing.
On April 12, 1911 Hydravion crashed while being flown by Jean Bécue at the Concours de Canots Automobiles de Monaco, resulting in damages that placed the aircraft beyond repair.

Specifications Fabre Hydravion

• Crew: 1
• Length: 27 ft. 10 in. (8.5 m)
• Wingspan: 45 ft. 11 inches (14 m)
• Height: 12 ft. 2 in. (3.7 m)
• Empty weight: 838 lb. (380 kg)
• Gross weight: 1047 lb. (475 kg)
• Powerplant: 1 × Gnome Omega rotary 7-cylinder piston engine, 50 HP (37 Kw)


• Maximum speed: 55 mph
• Maiden Flight Distance: 1/3 mile (.5 km)
• Longest Flight Distance: 1968.5 feet (600 meters)


Specifications Van’s RV14A

• Crew: 1
• Capacity: one passenger
• Length: 21 ft. 1 in.
• Wingspan: 27 ft. /wing area: 126.1 sq.ft.
• Height: 8 ft. 2 in.
• Empty weight: 1240 lb. (562 kg)
• Gross weight: 2050 lb. (930 kg)
• Powerplant: 1 × Lycoming IO-390 four cylinder, air-cooled, four stroke aircraft engine, 210 hp (160 kW)
• Fuel capacity: 50 U.S. gallons (190 L; 42 imp gal)
• Baggage: 100 lbs.


• Stall speed: 56 mph
• Maximum speed: 205 mph (at light weights.)
• Cruise speed: 203 mph (gross wt.)
• Cruise: Light wts: [75% @ 8000 ft] 195 mph/ Cruise: Gross wt. [75% @ 8000 ft] 193 mph
• Cruise: Light wts: [55% @ 8000 ft] 172 mph/ Cruise: Gross wt. [55% @ 8000 ft] 169 mph
• Range: Light wts: [75% @ 8000 ft] 938 sm/ [55% @ 8000 ft] 1103 sm
• Range: Gross wt: [75% @ 8000 ft] 925 sm/ [55% @ 8000 ft] 1080 sm
• Service ceiling: Light wts: 26,000 ft./ Gross wt: 18,000+ ft.
• Rate of climb: Light wts: 1,800 ft/min. / Gross wt: 1,500 ft/min
• Solo Weight 1700 lbs.
• Takeoff Distance: Light wts: 525 ft./ Gross wt: 630 ft.
• Landing Distance: Light wts: 545 ft./ Gross wt: 715 ft.

What’s In A Name?

The Manhattan Project was a World War II nuclear weapons research and development program beginning as early as 1939 but starting in 1942 under the direction of Major General Leslie Groves. In 1942 Groves appointed Nuclear physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer to head the project’s secret weapons laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico.
The project’s task was to create two types of atomic bombs that could be used during the war: a relatively simple gun-type fission weapon and a more complex implosion-type nuclear weapon.
Three different designs were contemplated but what do you call these new “secret weapons”? This is where Physicist Robert Serber comes into the story. Serber created the code-names for all three design projects, “Thin Man” (plutonium gun), “Little Boy” (uranium gun), and “Fat Man” (plutonium implosion). He chose the names based on their design shapes and names of characters from Dashiell Hammett detective novels.

Thin Man

“The Thin Man” was a novel, and 1934 film, featuring Nick and Nora Charles, (a retired detective and his wife) who were hired to find Clyde Wynant (described to be a “thin man with white hair”).
The bomb, however, was the proposed plutonium gun-type nuclear weapon using plutonium-239. It was an 8000 pound, 17 feet long, 38-inch wide tail and nose assemblies, and a 23-inch midsection (long and thin). The final weapon model proved to be impractical and was abandoned.

Little Boy

“Little Boy” would be the last of the three bomb designs and was named only to contrast the “Thin Man” bomb. It was, however, the first atomic bomb to be used in warfare and was the atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 by the Boeing B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay, piloted by Colonel Paul W. Tibbets, Jr., commander of the 509th Composite Group of the United States Army Air Forces.
It was a uranium- 235 gun-type, 9700 pound bomb that was 10 feet long and 38 inches in diameter.

Enola Gay
Fat Man

“The Maltese Falcon” was another Dashiell Hammett novel, and 1941 film noir, based on a private investigator named Sam Spade.
The story follows Spade (played by Humphrey Bogart on the right) and his dealings with three unscrupulous adventurers, one of which is named Casper Gutman (played by Sydney Greenstreet on the left) aka “Fat Man”, all of whom are competing to obtain a jewel-encrusted falcon statuette.
The bomb, however, was the second atomic bomb used in warfare dropped over the Japanese city of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 from the Boeing B-29 Superfortress Bockscar, piloted by Major Charles W. Sweeney.
The device was indeed “fat”, it was a 10,300 pound implosion-type nuclear weapon with a solid plutonium core measuring 10 feet 8 inches long, and 5 feet in diameter.

If you want to learn more about the Manhattan Project here is a great book: The Making of the Atomic Bomb: 25th Anniversary Edition by Richard Rhodes
If you want to watch a video about the Manhattan Project take a look here: Modern Marvels – The Manhattan Project (History Channel)
If you want to watch the movie “The Thin Man” you can get it here: The Thin Man- 1934
If you want to watch the classic film noir “The Maltese Falcon” you can get it here: The Maltese Falcon- 1941

Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Casualty List- 1941

December 7, 2016 is the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on the United States naval fleet at Pearl Harbor which entered us into World War II. Of the 2,402 people killed that day 1,177 were Sailors and Marines aboard the Battleship USS Arizona (BB-39). 334 men survived the attack on the Arizona and only 5 are still alive today: Donald Stratton, Lou Conter, Lauren Bruner, Lonnie Cook, Ken Potts (all in their 90′s).
This is the casualty list that is at the Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor in the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

AARON, Hubert Charles Titus F2c USN Arkansas
ABERCROMBIE, Samuel Adolphus S1c USN Texas
ADAMS, Robert Franklin S1c USN Alabama
ADKISON, James Dillion S1c USN Texas
AGUIRRE, Reyner Aceves S2c USN
AGUON, Gregorio San N. MATT1c USN Guam
AHERN, Richard James F1c USN California
ALBEROVSKY, Francis Severin BMKR1c USN California
ALBRIGHT, Galen Winston S1c USN Indiana
ALEXANDER, Elvis Author S2c USN Arkansas
ALLEN, Robert Lee SF3c USN Texas
ALLEN, William Clayborn EM1c USN California
ALLEN, William Lewis SK2c USNR Texas
ALLEY, Jay Edgar GM1c USN
ALLISON, Andrew K. F1c USN Missouri
ALTEN, Ernest Mathew S2c USN California
AMON, Frederick Purdy S1c USN
ANDERSON, Charles Titus CM2c USN California
ANDERSON, Delbert Jake BM2c USN Minnesota
ANDERSON, Donald William SM3c USN
ANDERSON, Harry S1c USN California
ANDERSON, Howard Taisey F1c USN Maryland
ANDERSON, James Pickins Jr. S1c USN
ANDERSON, Lawrence Donald ENS USNR
ANDERSON, Robert Adair GM3c USN Missouri
ANDREWS, Brainerd Wells CCMP USN Vermont
ANGLE, Earnest Hersea F2c USN West Virginia
ANTHONY, Glenn Samuel S1c USN California
APLIN, James Raymond CWTP USN California
APPLE, Robert William F1c USN Illinois
APREA, Frank Anthony COX USN
ARLEDGE, Eston SM2c USN Louisiana
ARNAUD, Achilles F3c USN Louisiana
ARNEBERG, William Robert F2c USN
ARNOLD, Claude Duran Jr. F3c USN Louisiana
ARNOLD, Thell SC1c USN Arkansas
ARRANT, John Anderson MM1c USN Florida
ARVIDSON, Carl Harry CMMP USN Washington
ASHMORE, Wilburn James S2c USN Louisiana
ATCHISON, John Calvin PVT USMC Missouri
ATKINS, Gerald Arthur HA1c USN Nebraska
AUSTIN, Laverne Alfred S1c USN New York
AUTRY, Eligah T. Jr. COX USN Arkansas
AVES, Willard Charles F2c USN
AYDELL, Miller Xavier WT2c USN Louisiana
AYERS, Dee Cumpie S2c USN
BADILLA, Manuel Domonic F1c USN
BAILEY, George Richmond PFC USMC California
BAIRD, Billy Bryon S1c USN Indiana
BAJORIMS, Joseph S1c USN Illinois
BAKER, Robert Dewey CMM USN
BALL, William V. S1c USN
BANDY, Wayne Lynn MUS2c USN Missouri
BANGERT, John Henry FC1c USN
BARAGA, Joseph SGT USMC Michigan
BARDON, Charles Thomas S2c USN Oklahoma
BARKER, Loren Joe COX USN Iowa
BARNER, Walter Ray S2c USN Texas
BARNES, Charles Edward Y3c USN Missouri
BARNES, Delmar Hayes LTJG USNR California
BARNETT, William Thermon S2c USN Arkansas
BARTLETT, David William CPL USMC California
BARTLETT, Paul Clement MM1c USN Texas
BATES, Edward Munroe Jr. ENS USNR New York
BATES, Tobert Alvin PHM3c USN Texas
BATOR, Edward F1c USN New York
BAUER, Harold Walter RM3c USN Kansas
BEATON, Freddie PVT USMC California
BEAUMONT, James Ammon S2c USN Texas
BECK, George Richard S1c USN California
BECKER, Marvin Otto GM3c USN Kansas
BECKER, Wesley Paulson S1c USN Kansas
BEDFORD, Purdy Renaker F1c USN Kentucky
BEERMAN, Henry Carl CM3c USN Washington
BEGGS, Harold Eugene F1c USN Missouri
BELL, Hershel Homer FC2c USN Illinois
BELL, Richard Leroy S2c USN California
BELLAMY, James Curtis OS3c USN California
BELT, Everett Ray Jr. PFC USMC Missouri
BENFORD, Sam Austin BKR2c USN Minnesota
BENNETT, William Edmond Jr. Y3c USN Illinois
BENSON, James Thomas S1c USN Alabama
BERGIN, Roger Joseph F2c USN Canada
BERKANSKI, Albert Charles COX USN Pennsylvania
BERNARD, Frank Peter SF2c USN
BERRY, Gordon Eugene F2c USN Colorado
BERRY, James Winford F2c USN California
BERTIE, George Allan Jr. S2c USN Arizona
BIBBY, Charles Henry F2c USN Alabama
BICKEL, Kenneth Robert F1c USN Nebraska
BICKNELL, Dale Deen S1c USN Washington
BIRCHER, Frederick Robert RM3c USN Pennsylvania
BIRDSELL, Rayon Delois F2c USN Missouri
BIRGE, George Albert S1c USN New York
BISHOP, Grover Barron MM1c USN Texas
BISHOP, Millard Charles F3c USN Alabama
BISHOP, Wesley Horner Jr. RM3c USNR New York
BLACK, James Theron PVT USMC Alabama
BLAIS, Albert Edward RM3c USNR New York
BLAKE, James Monroe F2c USN Missouri
BLANCHARD, Albert Richard COX USN Minnesota
BLANKENSHIP, Theron A. S1c USN Alabama
BLANTON, Atticus Lee SF3c USN Florida
BLIEFFERT, Richmond Frederick S1c USN Washington
BLOCK, Ivan Lee PHM2c USN New Mexico
BLOUNT, Wayman Boney S1c USN Texas
BOGGESS, Roy Eugene SF2c USN California
BOHLENDER, Sam GM2c USN Colorado
BOLLING, Gerald Revese S1c USN Arkansas
BOLLING, Walter Karr F3c USN Kentucky
BOND, Burnis Leroy CPL USMC Missouri
BONEBRAKE, Buford Earl F2c USN Kansas
BONFIGLIO, William John EM1c USN New York
BOOTH, Robert Sinclair ENS USNR
BOOZE, Asbury Legare BM1c USN Georgia
BORGER, Richard CMMA USN California
BOROVICH, Joseph John S1c USN California
BORUSKY, Edwin Charles CPL USMC North Dakota
BOSLEY, Kenneth Leroy EM3c USN Missouri
BOVIALL, Walter Robert AMM2c USN Wisconsin
BOWMAN, Howard Alton S2c USN Iowa
BOYD, Charles Andrew CM3c USN Alabama
BOYDSTUN, Don Jasper S2c USN Texas
BRABBZSON, Oran Merrill MUS2c USN New York
BRADLEY, Bruce Dean S2c USN Illinois
BRAKKE, Kenneth Gay F3c USN Washington
BRIDGES, James Leon S1c USN Tennessee
BRIDGES, Paul Hyatt S1c USN Arkansas
BRIDIE, Robert Maurice F1c USN
BRIGNOLE, Erminio Joseph S2c USN California
BRITTAN, Charles Edward S2c USN California
BROADHEAD, Johnnie Cecil F2c USN Alabama
BROCK, Walter Pershing S1c USN Kentucky
BROMLEY, George Edward SM3c USN Washington
BROOKS, Robert Neal ENS USNR Washington
BROOME, Loy Raymond SM3c USN Oklahoma
BROONER, Allen Ottis S1c USN Indiana
BROPHY, Myron Alonzo F2c USN Vermont
BROWN, Charles Martin S2c USN California
BROWN, Elwyn Leroy EM3c USN Kansas
BROWN, Frank George QM3c USN Oregon
BROWN, Richard Corbett S1c USN California
BROWN, William Howard S2c USN Oregon
BROWNE, Harry Lamont CMMA USN California
BROWNING, Tilmon David S1c USN West Virginia
BRUNE, James William RM3c USNR Missouri
BRYAN, Leland Howard S1c USN Texas
BRYANT, Lloyd Glenn BM2c USN California
BUCKLEY, Jack C. FC3c USN Kentucky
BUDD, Robert Emile F2c USN Michigan
BUHR, Clarence Edward S1c USN New Mexico
BURDEN, Ralph Leon RM3c USN Ohio
BURDETTE, Ralph Warren MUS2c USN New Jersey
BURKE, Frank Edmond Jr. SK2c USN Tennessee
BURNETT, Charlie Leroy S2c USN
BURNS, John Edward F1c USN Pennsylvania
BUSICK, Dewey Olney F3c USN Ohio
BUTCHER, David Adrian F2c USN Washington
BUTLER, John Dabney F1c USN Texas
BYRD, Charles Dewitt S1c USN Tennessee
CABAY, Louis Clarence S1c USN Illinois
CADE, Richard Esh S2c USN Washington
CALDWELL, Charles Jr. F3c USN Missouri
CALLAGHAN, James Thomas BM2c USN Colorado
CAMDEN, Raymond Edward S2c USN Oklahoma
CAMM, William Fielden Y2c USN Arkansas
CAMPA, Ralph S1c USN California
CAMPBELL, Burdette Charles S1c USN California
CAPLINGER, Donald William SC3c USN Ohio
CAREY, Francis Lloyd SK3c USN New York
CARLISLE, Robert Wayne S1c USNR Texas
CARLSON, Harry Ludwig SK3c USN Connecticut
CARMACK, Harold Milton F2c USN Colorado
CARPENTER, Robert Nelson MATT1c USN Virginia
CARROLL, Robert Lewis S1c USN
CARTER, Burton Lowell S2c USN California
CARTER, Paxton Turner WO(PYCLK) USN California
CASEY, James Warren S1c USN
CASILAN, Epifanio Miranda OS3c USN New York
CASKEY, Clarence Merton S1c USN Washington
CASTLEBERRY, Claude W. Jr. S1c USN Texas
CATSOS, George F1c USN California
CHACE, Raymond Vincent CSKP USN California
CHADWICK, Charles Bruce MM2c USN Mississippi
CHADWICK, Harold MATT1c USN California
CHANDLER, Donald Ross PVT USMC Alabama
CHAPMAN, Naaman N. S1c USN Nebraska
CHARLTON, Charles Nicholas WT1c USNR California
CHERNUCHA, Harry Gregory MUS2c USN New York
CHESTER, Edward S1c USN Kansas
CHRISTENSEN, Elmer Emil MM2c USN Wyoming
CHRISTENSEN, Lloyd Raymond F1c USN Nebraska
CHRISTIANSEN, Edward Lee BKR3c USN Wyoming
CIHLAR, Lawrence John PHM3c USN Minnesota
CLARK, George Francis GM3c USN Illinois
CLARK, John Crawford Todd F3c USN California
CLARK, Malcolm BKR3c USN Louisiana
CLARK, Robert William Jr. FC3c USN Pennsylvania
CLARKE, Robert Eugene S1c USN Kansas
CLASH, Donald F2c USN Michigan
CLAYTON, Robert Roland COX USN Missouri
CLEMMENS, Claude Albert S1c USN Oklahoma
CLIFT, Ray Emerson COX USN Missouri
CLOUES, Edward Blanchard ENS USN New Hampshire
CLOUGH, Edward Hay GM1c USN Nebraska
COBB, Ballard Burgher S1c USN Texas
COBURN, Walter Overton S1c USN Oklahoma
COCKRUM, Kenneth Earl MM1c USN Indiana
COFFIN, Robert SF3c USN Washington
COFFMAN, Marshall Herman GMec USN Indiana
COLE, Charles Warren SGT USMC Washington
COLE, David Lester ENS USNR California
COLEGROVE, Willett S. Jr. S2c USN Washington
COLLIER, John F2c USN Oregon
COLLIER, Linald Long Jr. BKR3c USN Texas
COLLINS, Billy Murl S1c USN California
CONLIN, Bernard Eugene S2c USN Illinois
CONLIN, James Leo F2c USN Illinois
CONNELLY, Richard Earl CQMA USN California
CONRAD, Homer Milton Jr. S1c USN Ohio
CONRAD, Robert Frank S2c USN California
CONRAD, Walter Ralph QM2c USN
COOPER, Clarence Eugene F2c USN
COOPER, Kenneth Erven F2c USN
CORCORAN, Gerard John S1c USN New York
COREY, Ernest Eugene PHM3c USN Washington
CORNING, Russell Dale RM3c USN
COULTER, Arthur Lee S1c USN Oklahoma
COWAN, William COX USN Missouri
COWDEN, Joel Beman S2c USN Oregon
COX, Gerald Blinton MUS2c USN Illinois
COX, William Milford S1c USN Kentucky
CRAFT, Harley Wade CM3c USN Oregon
CRAWLEY, Wallace Dewight COX USN Indiana
CREMEENS, Louis Edward S1c USN Arizona
CRISCUOLO, Michael Y2c USN California
CRISWELL, Wilfred John S1c USN Indiana
CROWE, Cecil Thomas GM2c USN Kentucky
CROWLEY, Thomas Ewing LCDR(DC) USN California
CURRY, William Joseph WT2c USN Oregon
CURTIS, Lloyd B. S1c USN Missouri
CURTIS, Lyle Carl RM2c USN Wisconsin
CYBULSKI, Harold Bernard S1c USN
CYCHOSZ, Francis Anton S1c USN Michigan
CZARNECKI, Stanley F1c USN Michigan
CZEKAJSKI, Theophil SM3c USNR Michigan
DAHLHEIMER, Richard Norbert S1c USN Minnesota
DANIEL, Lloyd Naxton Y1c USN Montana
DANIK, Andrew Joseph S2c USN Ohio
DARCH, Phillip Zane S1c USN Massachusetts
DAUGHERTY, Paul Eugene Em3c USN Ohio
DAVIS, John Quitman S1c USN Louisiana
DAVIS, Milton Henry S1c USN Kansas
DAVIS, Murle Melvin RM2c USN Ohio
DAVIS, Myrle Clarence F3c USNR Iowa
DAVIS, Thomas Ray SF1c USN California
DAVIS, Virgil Denton PVT USMC Missouri
DAVIS, Walter Mindred F2c USN Missouri
DAWSON, James Berkley PVT USMC Kentucky
DAY, William John S2c USN Washington
DE ARMOUN, Donald Edwin GM3c USN California
DEAN, Lyle Bernard COX USN
DELONG, Frederick Eugene CPL USMC Ohio
DERITIS, Russell Edwin S1c USN
DIAL, John Buchanan S1c USN
DICK, Ralph R. GM1c USN California
DINE, John George F2c USN California
DINEEN, Robert Joseph S1c USN Pennsylvania
DOBEY, Milton Paul Jr. S1c USN Texas
DOHERTY, George Walter S2c USN California
DOHERTY, John Albert MM2c USN California
DONOHUE, Ned Burton F1c USN
DORITY, John Monroe S1c USN California
DOUGHERTY, Ralph McClearn FC1c USN Massachusetts
DOYLE, Wand B. COX USN Kentucky
DREESBACH, Herbert Allen PFC USMC Illinois
DRIVER, Bill Lester RM3c USN California
DUCREST, Louis Felix S1c USN Louisiana
DUKE, Robert Edward CCSTDA USN California
DULLUM, Jerald Fraser EM3c USN Montana
DUNAWAY, Kenneth Leroy EM3c USN Oklahoma
DUNHAM, Elmer Marvin S1c USN
DUNNAM, Robert Wesley PVT USMCR Texas
DUPREE, Arthur Joseph F2c USN Missouri
DURHAM, William Teasdale S1c USN North Carolina
DURIO, Russell PFC USMC Louisiana
DUVEENE, John 1SGT USMC California
DVORAK, Alvin Albert BM2c USN Minnesota
EATON, Emory Lowell F3c USN Oklahoma
EBEL, Walter Charles CTCP USN California
EBERHART, Vincent Henry COX USN Minnesota
ECHOLS, Charles Louis Jr. EM3c USN Tennessee
ECHTERNKAMP, Henry Clarence S1c USN Michigan
EDMUNDS, Bruce Roosevelt Y2c USN New Hampshire
EERNISSE, William Frederick PTR1c USN California
EGNEW, Robert Ross S1c USN Illinois
EHLERT, Casper SM3c USN Wisconsin
EHRMANTRAUT, Frank Jr. S1c USN Indiana
ELLIS, Francis Arnold Jr. EM3c USN Canada
ELLIS, Richard Everrett S2c USN Nebraska
ELLIS, Wilbur Danner RM2c USN California
ELWELL, Royal S1c USN Texas
EMBREY, Bill Eugene F3c USN California
EMERY, Jack Marvin ENS USN California
EMERY, John Marvin GM3c USN North Dakota
EMERY, Wesley Vernon SK2c USN Indiana
ENGER, Stanley Gordon GM3c USN Minnesota
ERSKINE, Robert Charles PFC USMC Illinois
ERWIN, Stanley Joe MM1c USN Texas
ERWIN, Walton Aluard S1c USN Texas
ESTEP, Carl James S1c USN Texas
ESTES, Carl Edwen S1c USN Texas
ESTES, Forrest Jesse F1c USN California
ETCHASON, Leslie Edgar S1c USN Illinois
EULBERG, Richard Henry FC2c USN Iowa
EVANS, David Delton PVT USMC Louisiana
EVANS, Evan Frederick ENS USNR California
EVANS, Mickey Edward S1c USN Missouri
EVANS, Paul Anthony S1c USN Illinois
EVANS, William Orville S2c USN Idaho
EWELL, Alfred Adam WT1c USN
EYED, George SK3c USN Indiana
FALLIS, Alvin E. PHM2c USN California
FANSLER, Edgar Arthur S1c USN Oklahoma
FARMER, John Wilson COX USN Tennessee
FEGURGUR, Nicolas San Nicolas MATT2c USN Guam
FESS, John Junior F1c USN California
FIELDS, Reliford MATT2c USN Florida
FIFE, Ralph Elmer S1c USN California
FILKINS, George Arthur COX USN Minnesota
FINCHER, Allen Brady ACK USMC Texas
FINCHER, Dexter Wilson SGT USMC Oregon
FINLEY, Woodrow Wilson PFC USMC Tennessee
FIRTH, Henry Amis F3c USN
FISCHER, Leslie Henry S1c USN Washington
FISHER, Delbert Ray S1c USN Wyoming
FISHER, James Anderson MATT1c USN Virginia
FISHER, Robert Ray S2c USN California
FISK, Charles Porter III Y1c USN California
FITCH, Simon MATT1c USN Texas
FITZSIMMONS, Eugene James F3c USN Illinois
FLANNERY, James Lowell SK3c USN Ohio
FLEETWOOD, Donald Eugene PFC USMC Iowa
FLOEGE, Frank Norman MUS2c USN Illinois
FLORY, Max Edward S2c USN Indiana
FONES, George Everett FC3c USN Washington
FORD, Jack C. S1c USN California
FORD, William Walker EM3c USN Kentucky
FOREMAN, Elmer Lee F2c USN Indiana
FORTENBERRY, Alvie Charles COX USN Mississippi
FOWLER, George Parten S2c USN Texas
FOX, Daniel Russell LTCOL USMC California
FRANK, Leroy George S1c USN Arkansas
FREDERICK, Charles Donald EM2c USN Louisiana
FREE, Thomas Augusta MM1c USN Texas
FREE, William Thomas S2c USN Texas
FRENCH, John Edmund LCDR USN Washington, D.C.
FRIZZELL, Robert Niven S2c USN Alabama
FULTON, Robert Wilson AMSMTH1c USN Missouri
FUNK, Frank Francis BM2c USN Missouri
FUNK, Lawrence Henry S1c USN Wisconsin
GAGER, Roy Arthur S2c USN Kansas
GARGARO, Ernest Russell S2c USN
GARLINGTON, Raymond Wesley S1c USN California
GARRETT, Orville Wilmer SF2c USN Missouri
GARTIN, Gerald Ernest S1c USN California
GAUDETTE, William Frank S1c USN Washington
GAULTNEY, Ralph Martin Em3c USN Illinois
GAZECKI, Philip Robert ENS USNR Wisconsin
GEBHARDT, Kenneth Edward S1c USN North Dakota
GEER, Kenneth Floyd S2c USN California
GEISE, Marvin Frederick S1c USN Wisconsin
GEMIENHARDT, Samuel Henry Jr. MM2c USN Ohio
GHOLSTON, Roscoe Y2c USN Texas
GIBSON, Billy Edwin S1c USN West Virginia
GIESEN, Karl Anthony Y2c USN Iowa
GILL, Richard Eugene S1c USN Nevada
GIOVENAZZO, Michael James WT2c USN Illinois
GIVENS, Harold Reuben Y3c USN
GOBBIN, Angelo SC1c USN California
GOFF, Wiley Coy S2c USN Oklahoma
GOMEZ, Edward Jr. S1c USN Colorado
GOOD, Leland S2c USN Illinois
GOODWIN, William Arthur S2c USN Colorado
GORDON, Peter Charles Jr. F1c USN Colorado
GOSSELIN, Edward Webb ENS USNR Illinois
GOSSELIN, Joseph Adjutor RM1c USN Massachuttes
GOULD, Harry Lee S1c USN Illinois
GOVE, Rupert Clair S1c USN California
GRANGER, Raymond Edward F3c USN Iowa
GRANT, Lawrence Everett Y3c USN Missouri
GRAY, Albert James S1c USN Washington
GRAY, Lawrence Moore F1c USN Missouri
GRAY, William James Jr. S1c USN California
GREEN, Glen Hubert S1c USN Mississippi
GREENFIELD, Carroll Gale S1c USN Oregon
GRIFFIN, Lawrence J. PFC USMC Louisiana
GRIFFIN, Reese Olin EM3c USN Texas
GRIFFITHS, Robert Alfred EM3c USN California
GRISSINGER, Robert Beryle S2c USN Illinois
GROSNICKLE, Warren Wilbert EM2c USN Iowa
GROSS, Milton Henry CSKA USN California
GRUNDSTROM, Richard Gunner S2c USN Iowa
GURLEY, Jesse Herbert SK3c USN Illinois
HAAS, Curtis Junior MUS2c USN Missouri
HADEN, Samuel William COX USN Kansas
HAFFNER, Floyd Bates F1c USN Illinois
HAINES, Robert Wesley S2c USN California
HALL, John Rudolph CBMP USN Arkansas
HALLORAN, William Ignatius ENS USNR Ohio
HAMEL, Don Edgar FLDMUS USMCR Illinois
HAMILTON, Clarence James MM1c USN Washington
HAMILTON, Edwin Carrell S1c USN
HAMILTON, William Holman GM3c USN Oklahoma
HAMMERUD, George Winston S1c USN North Dakota
HAMPTON, “J D” F1c USN Kansas
HAMPTON, Ted “W” Jr. S1c USN Oklahoma
HAMPTON, Walter Lewis BM2c USN Pennsylvania
HANNA, David Darling EM3c USN Texas
HANSEN, Carlyle B. MM2c USN
HANSEN, Harvey Ralph S1c USN Wisconsin
HANZEL, Edward Joseph WT1c USN Michigan
HARDIN, Charles Eugene S1c USN Missouri
HARGRAVES, Kenneth William S2c USN Washington
HARMON, William D. PFC USMC Oregon
HARRINGTON, Keith Homer S1c USN Missouri
HARRIS, George Ellsworth MM1c USN Illinois
HARRIS, Hiram Dennis S1c USN Georgia
HARRIS, James William F1c USN Michigan
HARRIS, Noble Burnice COX USN Missouri
HARRIS, Peter John COX USN Nebraska
HARTLEY, Alvin GM3c USN Oklahoma
HARTSOE, Max June GM3c USN Missouri
HARTSON, Lonnie Moss SM3c USN Texas
HASL, James Thomas F1c USN Nebraska
HAVINS, Harvey Linfille S1c USN
HAWKINS, Russell Dean SM3c USN Illinois
HAYES, John Doran BM1c USN California
HAYES, Kenneth Merle F1c USN California
HAYNES, Curtis James QM2c USN Idaho
HAYS, William Henry SK3c USN Kansas
HAZDOVAC, Jack Claudius S1c USN California
HEAD, Frank Bernard CYA USN California
HEATER, Verrell Roy S1c USN Oregon
HEATH, Alfred Grant S1c USN Wisconsin
HEBEL, Robert Lee SM3c USNR Illinois
HEDGER, Jess Laxton S1c USN California
HEDRICK, Paul Henry BM1c USN California
HEELY, Leo Shinn S2c USN Colorado
HEIDT, Edward Joseph F1c USN California
HEIDT, Wesley John MM2c USN California
HELM, Merritt Cameron S1c USN Minnesota
HENDERSON, William Walter S2c USN
HENDRICKSEN, Frank F2c USN Michigan
HERRICK, Paul Edward PVT USMC Wisconsin
HERRING, James Jumior SM3c USN Iowa
HERRIOTT, Robert Asher Jr. S1c USN Texas
HESS, Darrel Miller FC1c USN Utah
HESSDORFER, Anthony Joseph MM2c USN Washington
HIBBARD, Robert Arnold BKR2c USN
HICKMAN, Arthur Lee SM3c USN
HICKS, Elmer Orville GM3c USN Washington
HICKS, Ralph Dueard PTR2c USNR Missouri
HILL, Bartley Talor AOM3c USN California
HILTON, Wilson Woodrow GM1c USN
HINDMAN, Frank Weaver S1c USN Alabama
HODGES, Garris Vada F2c USN Texas
HOELSCHER, Lester John HA1c USN Nebraska
HOLLAND, Claude Herbert Jr. S2c USN Alabama
HOLLENBACH, Paul Zepp S1c USN New York
HOLLIS, Ralph LTJG USNR California
HOLLOWELL, George Sanford COX USN Arizona
HOLMES, Lowell D. F3c USN Alabama
HOMER, Henry Vernon S1c USN Michigan
HOPE, Harold W. PVT USMC Illinois
HOPKINS, Homer David S1c USN Michigan
HORN, Melvin Freeland F3c USN Ohio
HORRELL, Harvey Howard SM1c USN
HORROCKS, James William CGMP USN Arizona
HOSLER, John Emmet S1c USN Ohio
HOUSE, Clem Raymond CWTP USN California
HOUSEL, John James SK1c USN Missouri
HOWARD, Elmo S1c USN Kentucky
HOWARD, Rolan George GM3c USN Minnesota
HOWE, Darrell Robert S2c USN Oregon
HOWELL, Leroy COX USN Indiana
HUBBARD, Haywood Jr. MATT2c USN Virginia
HUDNALL, Robert Chilton PFC USMC Texas
HUFF, Robert Glenn PVT USMC Texas
HUFFMAN, Clyde Franklin F1c USN Ohio
HUGHES, Bernard Thomas MUS2c USN Pennsylvania
HUGHES, Lewis Burton Jr. S1c USN Alabama
HUGHES, Marvin Austin PVT USMCR Texas
HUGHEY, James Clynton S1c USN
HUIE, Doyne Conley HA1c USN Missouri
HULTMAN, Donald Standly PFC USMC Minnesota
HUNTER, Robert Fredrick S1c USN Ohio
HUNTINGTON, Henry Louis S2c USN California
HURD, Willard Hardy MATT2c USN Tennessee
HURLEY, Wendell Ray MUS2c USN Indiana
HUVAL, Ivan Joseph S1c USN Louisiana
HUX, Leslie Creade PFC USMC Louisiana
HUYS, Arthur Albert S1c USN Indiana
HYDE, William Hughes COX USN Missouri
IAK, Joseph Claude Y3c USN
IBBOTSON, Howard Burt F1c USN California
INGALLS, Richard Fitch SC3c USN New York
INGALLS, Theodore “A” SC3c USN New York
INGRAHAM, David Archie FC3c USN
ISHAM, Orville Adalbert CGMA USN Hawaii
ISOM, Luther James S1c USN Alabama
IVERSEN, Earl Henry S2c USN California
IVERSEN, Norman Kenneth S2c USN California
IVEY, Charles Andrew Jr. S2c USN California
JACKSON, David Paul Jr. S1c USN Texas
JACKSON, Robert Woods Y3c USN Iowa
JAMES, John Burditt S1c USN Texas
JANTE, Edwin Earl Y3c USN
JANZ, Clifford Thurston LT USN California
JASTRZEMSKI, Edwin Charles S1c USN Michigan
JEANS, Victor Lawrence WT2c USN Oregon
JEFFRIES, Keith COX USN Pennsylvania
JENKINS, Robert Henry Dawson S2c USN Texas
JENSEN, Keith Marlow EM3c USN Utah
JERRISON, Donald D. CPL USMC California
JOHANN, Paul Frederick GM3c USN Iowa
JOHNSON, David Andrew Jr. OC2c USN Virginia
JOHNSON, Edmund Russell MM1c USN California
JOHNSON, John Russell RM3c USN Massachuttes
JOHNSON, Samuel Earle CDR(MC) USN Alabama
JOHNSON, Sterling Conrad COX USN Washington
JOLLEY, Berry Stanley S2c USNR Idaho
JONES, Daniel Pugh S2c USN Alabama
JONES, Edmon Ethmer S1c USN Colorado
JONES, Floyd Baxter MATT2c USN
JONES, Harry Cecil GM3c USN Kansas
JONES, Henry Jr. MATT1c USN California
JONES, Homer Lloyd S1c USN Colorado
JONES, Hugh Junior S2c USN California
JONES, Leland S1c USN Tennessee
JONES, Quincy Eugene PFC USMC Texas
JONES, Thomas Raymond ENS USNR Louisiana
JONES, Warren Allen Y3c USN Nebraska
JONES, Willard Worth S1c USN Tennessee
JONES, Woodrow Wilson S2c USN Alabama
JOYCE, Calvin Wilbur F2c USN Ohio
JUDD, Albert John COX USN Michigan
KAGARICE, Harold Lee CSKA USN California
KAISER, Robert Oscar F1c USN Missouri
KATT, Eugene Louis S2c USN California
KEEN, Billy Mack PVT USMC Texas
KELLER, Paul Daniel MLDR2c USN Michigan
KELLEY, James Dennis SF3c USN Oklahoma
KELLOGG, Wilbur Leroy F1c USN Iowa
KELLY, Robert Lee CEMA USN California
KENISTON, Donald Lee S2c USN Ohio
KENISTON, Kenneth Howard F3c USN Ohio
KENNARD, Kenneth Frank GM3c USN Idaho
KENNINGTON, Charles Cecil S1c USN Tennessee
KENNINGTON, Milton Homer S1c USN Tennessee
KENT, Texas Thomas Jr. S2c USN Arkansas
KIDD, Isaac Campbell RADM USN
KIEHN, Ronald William MM2c USN California
KIESELBACH, Charles Ermin CM1c USN California
KING, Gordon Blane S1c USN Tennessee
KING, Leander Cleaveland S1c USN Texas
KING, Lewis Meyer F1c USN
KING, Robert Nicholas Jr. ENS USNR New York
KINNEY, Frederick William MUS1c USN Washington
KINNEY, Gilbert Livingston QM2c USN California
KIRCHHOFF, Wilbur Albert S1c USN Missouri
KIRKPATRICK, Thomas Larcy CAPT(CHC) USN Missouri
KLANN, Edward SC1c USN Michigan
KLINE, Robert Edwin GM2c USN New York
KLOPP, Francis Lawrence GM3c USN Ohio
KNIGHT, Robert Wagner EM3c USN Ohio
KNUBEL, William Jr. S1c USN Missouri
KOCH, Walter Ernest S1c USN Minnesota
KOENEKAMP, Clarence D. F1c USN Washington
KOEPPE, Herman Oliver SC3c USN Illinois
KOLAJAJCK, Brosig S1c USN Texas
KONNICK, Albert Joseph CM3c USN Pennsylvania
KOSEC, John Anthony BM2c USN California
KOVAR, Robert S1c USN Illinois
KRAHN, James Albert PFC USMC North Dakota
KRAMB, James Henry S1c USN New York
KRAMB, John david MSMTH1c USN New York
KRAMER, Robert Rudolph GM2c USN Indiana
KRAUSE, Fred Joseph S1c USN Minnesota
KRISSMAN, Max Sam S2c USN California
KRUGER, Richard Warren QM2c USN California
KRUPPA, Adolph Louis S1c USN Texas
KUKUK, Howard Helgi S1c USN New York
KULA, Stanley SC3c USN Nebraska
KUSIE, Donald Joseph RM3c USN New York
LA FRANCEA, William Richard S1c USN Michigan
LA MAR, Ralph “B” FC3c USN California
LA SALLE, Willard Dale S1c USN Washington
LADERACH, Robert Paul FC2c USN West Virginia
LAKE, John Ervin Jr. WO(PYCLK) USN California
LAKIN, Donald Lapier S1c USN California
LAKIN, Joseph Jordan S1c USN California
LAMB, George Samuel CSFA USN California
LANDMAN, Henry AM2c USN Michigan
LANDRY, James Joseph Jr. BKR2c USN Massachusetts
LANE, Edward Wallace COX USN
LANE, Mancel Curtis S1c USN Oklahoma
LANGE, Richard Charles S1c USN California
LANOUETTE, Henry John COX USN Connecticut
LARSON, Leonard Carl F3c USN Washington
LATTIN, Bleecker RM3c USN
LEE, Carroll Volney Jr. S1c USN Texas
LEE, Henry Lloyd S1c USN South Carolina
LEEDY, David Alonzo FC2c USN Iowa
LEGGETT, John Goldie BM2c USN Washington
LEGROS, Joseph McNeil S1c USN Louisiana
LEIGH, Malcolm Hedrick GM3c USN North Carolina
LEIGHT, James Webster S2c USN California
LEOPOLD, Robert Lawrence ENS USNR Kentucky
LESMEISTER, Steve Louie EM3c USN North Dakota
LEVAR, Frnak CWTP USNR Washington
LEWIS, Wayne Alman CM3c USN South Carolina
LEWISON, Neil Stanley FC3c USN Wisconsin
LINBO, Gordon Ellsworth GM1c USN Washington
LINCOLN, John William F1c USN Iowa
LINDSAY, James E. PFC USMC California
LINDSAY, James Mitchell SF2c USN Colorado
LINTON, George Edward F2c USN
LIPKE, Clarence William F2c USN Michigan
LIPPLE, John Anthony SF1c USN Iowa
LISENBY, Daniel Edward S1c USN
LIVERS, Raymond Edward S1c USN New Mexico
LIVERS, Wayne Nicholas F1c USN New Mexico
LOCK, Douglas A. S1c USN New York
LOHMAN, Earl Wynne S1c USN
LOMAX, Frank Stuart ENS USN Nebraska
LOMIBAO, Marciano OS1c USN Philipines
LONG, Benjamin Franklin CYP USN North Carolina
LOUNSBURY, Thomas William S2c USN Illinois
LOUSTANAU, Charles Bernard S1c USN Iowa
LOVELAND, Frank Crook S2c USN Idaho
LOVSHIN, William Joseph PFC USMC Minnesota
LUCEY, Neil Jermiah S1c USN New Jersey
LUNA, James Edward S2c USN Oklahoma
LUZIER, Ernest Burton MM2c USN
LYNCH, Emmett Isaac MUS2c USN Washington
LYNCH, James Robert Jr. GM3c USN Texas
LYNCH, William Joseph Jr. S1c USN Texas
MADDOX, Raymond Dudley CEMP USN California
MADRID, Arthur John S2c USN California
MAFNAS, Francisco Reyes MATT2c USN Guam
MAGEE, Gerald James SK3c USN New York
MALECKI, Frank Edward CYP USN California
MALINOWSKI, John Stanley SM3c USNR Michigan
MALSON, Harry Lynn SK3c USN Indiana
MANION, Edward Paul S2c USN Illinois
MANLOVE, Arthur Cleon WO(ELEC) USN California
MANN, William Edward GM3c USN Washington
MANNING, Leroy S2c USN Kentucky
MANSKE, Robert Francis Y2c USN Iowa
MARIS, Elwood Henry S1c USN Texas
MARLING, Joseph Henry S2c USN Montana
MARLOW, Urban Herschel COX USN Missouri
MARSH, Benjamin Raymond Jr. ENS USNR Michigan
MARSH, William Arthur S1c USN
MARSHALL, Thomas Donald S2c USN California
MARTIN, Hugh Lee Y3c USN Utah
MARTIN, James Albert BM1c USN Texas
MARTIN, James Orrwell S2c USN California
MARTIN, Luster Lee F3c USN Arkansas
MASON, Byron Dalley S2c USN Idaho
MASTEL, Clyde Harold S2c USN California
MASTERS, Dayton Monroe GM3c USN Texas
MASTERSON, Cleburne E. Carl PHM1c USN California
MATHEIN, Harold Richard BMKR2c USN Illinois
MATHISON, Charles Harris S1c USN Wisconsin
MATNEY, Vernon Merferd F1c USN Texas
MATTOX, James Durant AM3c USN Florida
MAY, Louis Eugene SC2c USN Kansas
MAYBEE, George Frederick RM2c USNR California
MAYFIELD, Lester Ellsworth F1c USN Colorado
MAYO, Rex Haywood EM2c USN Florida
MEANS, Louis MATT1c USN Texas
MEARES, John Morgan S2c USN South Carolina
MENEFEE, James Austin S1c USN Mississippi
MENO, Vicente Gogue MATT2c USN
MERRILL, Howard Deal ENS USN Utah
MILES, Oscar Wright S1c USN Arkansas
MILLER, Chester John F2c USN Michigan
MILLER, Doyle Allen COX USN Arkansas
MILLER, Forrest Newton CEMP USN California
MILLER, George Stanley S1c USN Ohio
MILLER, Jessie Zimmer S1c USN Ohio
MILLER, John David S1c USN
MILLER, William Oscar SM3c USN Illinois
MILLIGAN, Weldon Hawvey S1c USN Texas
MIMS, Robert Lang S1c USN Georgia
MLINAR, Joseph COX USN Pennsylvania
MOLPUS, Richard Preston CMSMTHP USN California
MONROE, Donald MATT2c USN Missouri
MONTGOMERY, Robert E. S2c USN California
MOODY, Robert Edward S1c USN Mississippi
MOORE, Douglas Carlton S1c USN South Carolina
MOORE, Fred Kenneth S1c USN Texas
MOORE, James Carlton SF3c USN South Carolina
MOORHOUSE, William Starks MUS2c USN Kansas
MOORMAN, Russell Lee S2c USN California
MORGAN, Wayne S1c USN California
MORGAREIDGE, James Orries F2c USN Wyoming
MORLEY, Eugene Elvis F2c USN Illinois
MORRIS, Owen Newton S1c USN Alabama
MORRISON, Earl Leroy S1c USN Montana
MORSE, Edward Charles S2c USN Michigan
MORSE, Francis Jerome BM1c USN California
MORSE, George Robert S2c USN Montana
MORSE, Norman Roi WT2c USN Virginia
MOSS, Tommy Lee MATT2c USN Kentucky
MOSTEK, Francis Clayton PFC USMC Idaho
MOULTON, Gordon Eddy F1c USN California
MUNCY, Claude MM2c USN California
MURDOCK, Charles Luther WT1c USN Alabama
MURDOCK, Melvin Elijah WT2c USN Alabama
MURPHY, James Joseph S1c USN Arizona
MURPHY, James Palmer F3c USN Ohio
MURPHY, Jessie Huell S1c USN Louisiana
MURPHY, Thomas J. Jr. SK1c USN Virginia
MYERS, James Gernie SK1c USN Missouri
McCARRENS, James Francis CPL USMC Illinois
McCARY, William Moore S2c USN Alabama
McCLAFFERTY, John Charles BM2c USN Ohio
McCLUNG, Harvey Manford ENS USNR Pennsylvania
McFADDIN, Lawrence James Y2c USN California
McGLASSON, Joe Otis GM3c USN Illinois
McGRADY, Samme Willie Genes MATT1c USN Alabama
McGUIRE, Francis Raymond SK2c USN Michigan
McHUGHES, John Breckenridge CWTA USN Washington
McINTOSH, Harry George S1c USN Virginia
McKOSKY, Michael Martin S1c USN Oklahoma
McPHERSON, John Blair S1c USN Tennessee
NAASZ, Erwin H. SF2c USN Kansas
NADEL, Alexander Joseph MUS2c USN New York
NATIONS, James Garland FC2c USN South Carolina
NAYLOR, “J D” SM2c USN Louisiana
NEAL, Tom Dick S1c USN Texas
NECESSARY, Charles Raymond S1c USN Missouri
NEIPP, Paul S2c USN California
NELSEN, George SC2c USN Washington
NELSON, Harl Coplin S1c USN Arkansas
NELSON, Henry Clarence BM1c USN Minnesota
NELSON, Lawrence Adolphus CTCP USN California
NELSON, Richard Eugene F3c USN North Dakota
NICHOLS, Alfred Rose S1c USN Alabama
NICHOLS, Bethel Allan S1c USN Washington
NICHOLS, Clifford Leroy TC1c USN
NICHOLS, Louis Duffie S2c USN Alabama
NICHOLSON, Glen Eldon EM3c USN North Dakota
NICHOLSON, hancel Grant S1c USN
NIDES, Thomas James EM1c USN California
NIELSEN, Floyd Theadore CM3c USN Utah
NOLATUBBY, Henry Ellis PFC USMC California
NOONAN, Robert Harold S1c USN Michigan
NOWOSACKI, Theodore Lucian ENS USNR New York
NUSSER, Raymond Alfred GM3c USN
NYE, Frank Erskine S1c USN California
O’BRIEN, Joseph Bernard PFC USMC Illinois
O’BRYAN, George David FC3c USN Massachusetts
O’BRYAN, Joseph Benjamin FC3c USN Massachusetts
O’NEALL, Rex Eugene S1c USN Colorado
O’NEILL, William Thomas Jr. ENS USNR Connecticut
OCHOSKI, Henry Francis GM2c USN Washington
OFF, Virgil Simon S1c USN Colorado
OGLE, Victor Willard S2c USN Oklahoma
OGLESBY, Lonnie Harris S2c USN Mississippi
OLIVER, Raymond Brown S1c USN California
OLSEN, Edward Kern ENS USNR Kansas
OLSON, Glen Martin S2c USN Washington
ORR, Dwight Jerome S1c USN California
ORZECH, Stanislaus Joseph S2c USN Connecticut
OSBORNE, Mervin Eugene F1c USN Kentucky
OSTRANDER, Leland Grimstead PHM3c USN Minnesota
OTT, Peter Dean S1c USN Ohio
OWEN, Fredrick Halden S2c USN Texas
OWENS, Richard Allen SK2c USN Colorado
OWSLEY, Thomas Lea SC2c USN Idaho
PACE, Amos Paul BM1c USN California
PARKES, Harry Edward BM1c USN California
PAROLI, Peter John BKR3c USN California
PATTERSON, Harold Lemuel S1c USN Texas
PATTERSON, Richard Jr. SF3c USN Connecticut
PAULMAND, Hilery OS2c USN Philippines
PAVINI, Bruno S1c USN California
PAWLOWSKI, Raymond Paul S1c USN New York
PEARCE, Alonzo Jr. S1c USN
PEARSON, Norman Cecil S2c USN California
PEARSON, Robert Stanley F3c USN Montana
PEAVEY, William Howard QM2c USN Iowa
PECKHAM, Howard William F2c USN Missouri
PEDROTTI, Francis James PVT USMC Missouri
PEERY, Max Valdyne S2c USN California
PELESCHAK, Michael S1c USN Alabama
PELTIER, John Arthur EM3c USN Ohio
PENTON, Howard Lee S1c USN Alabama
PERKINS, George Ernest F1c USN Rhode Island
PETERSON, Albert H. Jr. FC3c USN New Jersey
PETERSON, Elroy Vernon FC2c USN California
PETERSON, Hardy Wilbur FC3c USN Washington
PETERSON, Roscoe Earl S2c USN California
PETTIT, Charles Ross CRMP USN California
PETYAK, John Joseph S1c USN Tennessee
PHELPS, George Edward S1c USN New York
PHILBIN, James Richard S1c USN Colorado
PIASECKI, Alexander Louis CPL USMC
PIKE, Harvey Lee EM3c USN Georgia
PIKE, Lewis Jackson S1c USN Georgia
PINKHAM, Albert Wesley S2c USN North Carolina
PITCHER, Walter Giles GM1c USN California
POOL, Elmer Leo S1c USN Indiana
POOLE, Ralph Ernest S1c USN Ohio
POST, Darrell Albert CMMA USN California
POVESKO, George S1c USN Connecticut
POWELL, Jack Speed PFC USMC California
POWELL, Thomas George S1c USN Illinois
POWER, Abner Franklin PVT USMC
PRESSON, Wayne Harold S1c USN Ohio
PRICE, Arland Earl RM2c USN Oregon
PRITCHETT, Robert Leo Jr. S1c USN Louisiana
PUCKETT, Edwin Lester SK3c USN Kentucky
PUGH, John Jr. SF3c USN California
PUTNAM, Avis Boyd SC3c USN Alabama
PUZIO, Edward S1c USN Pennsylvania
QUARTO, Mike Joseph S1c USN Connecticut
QUINATA, Jose Sanchez MATT2c USN Guam
RADFORD, Neal Jason MUS2c USN Nebraska
RASMUSSEN, Arthur Severin CM1c USN California
RASMUSSON, George Vernon F3c USN Minnesota
RATKOVICH, William WT1c USN California
RAWHOUSER, Glen Donald F3c USN Oregon
RAWSON, Clyde Jackson BM1c USN Maryland
RAY, Harry Joseph BM2c USN California
REAVES, Casbie S1c USN Arkansas
RECTOR, Clay Cooper SK3c USN Kentucky
REECE, John Jeffris S2c USN Oklahoma
REED, James Buchanan Jr. SK1c USN California
REED, Ray Ellison S2c USN Oklahoma
REGISTER, Paul James LCDR USN North Dakota
REINHOLD, Rudolph Herbert PVT USMC Utah
RESTIVO, Jack Martin Y2c USN Maryland
REYNOLDS, Earl Arthur S2c USN Colorado
REYNOLDS, Jack Franklyn S1c USN
RHODES, Birb Richard F2c USN Tennessee
RHODES, Mark Alexander S1c USN North Carolina
RICE, William Albert S2c USN Washington
RICH, Claude Edward S1c USN Florida
RICHAR, Raymond Lyle S1c USN
RICHARDSON, Warren John COX USN Pennsylvania
RICHISON, Fred Louis GM3c USN California
RICHTER, Albert Wallace COX USN
RICO, Guadalupe Augustine S1c USN California
RIDDEL, Eugene Edward S1c USN Michigan
RIGANTI, Fred SF3c USN California
RIGGINS, Gerald Herald S1c USN California
RIVERA, Francisco Unpingoo MATT2c USN Guam
ROBERTS, Dwight Fisk F1c USN Kansas
ROBERTS, Kenneth Franklin BM2c USN
ROBERTS, McClellan Taylor CPHMP USN California
ROBERTS, Walter Scott Jr. RM1c USN Missouri
ROBERTS, Wilburn Carle BKR3c USN Louisiana
ROBERTS, William Francis S2c USN
ROBERTSON, Edgar Jr. MATT3c USN Virginia
ROBERTSON, James Milton MM1c USN Tennessee
ROBINSON, Harold Thomas S2c USN California
ROBINSON, James William S2c USN California
ROBINSON, John James EM1c USN Oregon
ROBINSON, Robert Warren PHM3c USN West Virginia
ROBY, Raymond Arthur S1c USN California
RODGERS, John Dayton S1c USN Pennsylvania
ROEHM, Harry Turner MM2c USN Illinois
ROGERS, Thomas Sprugeon CWTP USN Alabama
ROMANO, Simon OC1c USN Virginia
ROMBALSKI, Donald Roger S2c USN Washington
ROMERO, Vladimir M. S1c USN Virginia
ROOT, Melvin Lenord S1c USN Ohio
ROSE, Chester Clay BM1c USN Kentucky
ROSENBERY, Orval Robert SF2c USN Illinois
ROSS, Deane Lundy S2c USN New York
ROSS, William Fraser GM3c USN New York
ROWE, Eugene Joseph S1c USN New Jersey
ROWELL, Frank Malcom S2c USN Texas
ROYALS, William Nicholas F1c USN Virginia
ROYER, Howard Dale GM3c USN Ohio
ROZAR, John Frank WT2c USN California
ROZMUS, Joseph Stanley S1c USN New Hampshire
RUDDOCK, Cecil Roy S1c USN
RUNCKEL, Robert Gleason BUG1c USN
RUNIAK, Nicholas S1c USN New Jersey
RUSH, Richard Perry S1c USN Texas
RUSHER, Orville Lester MM1c USN Missouri
RUSKEY, Joseph John CBMP USN California
RUTKOWSKI, John Peter S1c USN New York
RUTTAN, Dale Andrew EM3c USN Florida
SAMPSON, Sherley Rolland RM3c USN Minnesota
SANDALL, Merrill Deith SF3c USN Illinois
SANDERS, Eugene Thomas ENS USN New York
SANDERSON, James Harvey MUS2c USN California
SANFORD, Thomas Steger F3c USN
SANTOS, Filomeno OC2c USN California
SATHER, William Ford PMKR1c USN California
SAVAGE, Walter Samuel Jr. ENS USNR Louisiana
SAVIN, Tom RM2c USN Nebraska
SAVINSKI, Michael S1c USN Pennsylvania
SCHEUERLEIN, George Albert GM3c USN Pennsylvania
SCHILLER, Ernest S2c USN Texas
SCHLUND, Elmer Pershing MM1c USN Nebraska
SCHMIDT Vernon Joseph S1c USN Minnesota
SCHRANK, Harold Arthur BKR1c USN Texas
SCHROEDER, Henry BM1c USN New Jersey
SCHUMAN, Herman Lincoln SK1c USN California
SCHURR, John EM2c USN Kansas
SCILLEY, Harold Hugh SF2c USN Montana
SCOTT, Crawford Edward PFC USMC
SCOTT, George Harrison PFC USMC
SCRUGGS, Jack Leo MUS2c USN California
SEAMAN, Russell Otto F1c USN Iowa
SEELEY, William Eugene S1c USN Connecticut
SEVIER, Charles Clifton S1c USN California
SHANNON, William Alfred S1c USN Idaho
SHARBAUGH, Harry Robert GM3c USN Pennsylvania
SHARON, Lewis Purdie MM2c USN California
SHAW, Clyde Donald S1c USN Ohio
SHAW, Robert K. MUS2c USN Texas
SHEFFER, George Robert S1c USN Indiana
SHERRILL, Warren Joseph Y2c USN Texas
SHERVEN, Richard Stanton EM3c USN North Dakota
SHIFFMAN, Harold Ely RM3c USN Michigan
SHILEY, Paul Eugene S1c USN Pennsylvania
SHIMER, Melvin Irvin S1c USN
SHIVE, Gordon Eshom PFC USMC California
SHIVE, Malcolm Holman RM3c USNR California
SHIVELY, Benjamin Franklin F1c USN Michigan
SHORES, Irland Jr. S1c USN Alabama
SHUGART, Marvin John S1c USN Colorado
SIBLEY, Delmar Dale S1c USN New York
SIDDERS, Russell Lewis S1c USN Ohio
SIDELL, John Henry GM2c USN Illinois
SILVEY, Jesse MM2c USN Texas
SIMENSEN, Carleton Elliott 2LT USMC
SIMON, Walter Hamilton S1c USN New Jersey
SIMPSON, Albert Eugene S1c USN
SKEEN, Harvey Leroy S2c USN Arizona
SKILES, Charley Jackson Jr. S2c USN Virginia
SKILES, Eugene S2c USN
SLETTO, Earl Clifton MM1c USN Minnesota
SMALLEY, Jack G. S1c USN Ohio
SMART, George David COX USN Montana
SMESTAD, Halge Hojem RM2c USN Minnesota
SMITH, Albert Joseph LTJG USN Virginia
SMITH, Earl Jr. S1c USN Missouri
SMITH, Earl Walter FC3c USN Florida
SMITH, Edward GM3c USN Illinois
SMITH, Harry S2c USNR California
SMITH, John A. SF3c USN Ohio
SMITH, John Edward S1c USN California
SMITH, Luther Kent S1c USN Tennessee
SMITH, Mack Lawrence S1c USN Arkansas
SMITH, Marvin Ray S1c USN Texas
SMITH, Orville Stanley ENS USN Oklahoma
SMITH, Walter Tharnel MATT2c USN Mississippi
SNIFF, Jack Bertrand CPL USMC
SOENS, Harold Mathias SC1c USN California
SOOTER, James Fredrick RM3c USN
SORENSEN, Holger Earl S1c USN New Mexico
SOUTH, Charles Braxton S1c USN Alabama
SPENCE, Merle Joe S1c USN Tennessee
SPOTZ, Maurice Edwin F1c USN Illinois
SPREEMAN, Robert Lawrence GM3c USN Michigan
SPRINGER, Charles Harold S2c USN California
STALLINGS, Kermit Braxton F1c USN North Carolina
STARKOVICH, Charles EM3c USN Washington
STARKOVICH, Joseph Jr. F2c USN Washington
STAUDT, Alfred Parker F3c USN Washington
STEFFAN, Joseph Philip BM2c USN Illinois
STEINHOFF, Lloyd Delroy S1c USN California
STEPHENS, Woodrow Wilson EM1c USN Washington
STEPHENSON, Hugh Donald S1c USN New York
STEVENS, Jack Hazelip S1c USN Texas
STEVENS, Theodore R. AMM2c USN California
STEWART, Thomas Lester SC3c USN Arkansas
STOCKMAN, Harold William FC3c USN Idaho
STOCKTON, Louis Alton S2c USN California
STODDARD, William Edison S1c USN Louisiana
STOPYRA, Julian John RM3c USN Massachusetts
STORM, Laun Lee Y1c USN California
STRANGE, Charles Orval F2c USN
STRATTON, John Raymond S1c USN Indiana
SUGGS, William Alfred S1c USN Florida
SULSER, Frederick Franklin GM3c USN Ohio
SUMMERS, Glen Allen Y1c USN Washington
SUMMERS, Harold Edgar SM2c USN Ohio
SUMNER, Oren S2c USN New Mexico
SUTTON, Clyde Westly CCSTDP USN California
SUTTON, George Woodrow SK1c USN Kentucky
SWIONTEK, Stanley Stephen FLDCK USN Illinois
SWISHER, Charles Elijah S1c USN California
SYMONETTE, Henry OC1c USN California
SZABO, Theodore Stephen PVT USMCR
TAMBOLLEO, Victor Charles SF3c USN Maryland
TANNER, Russell Allen GM3c USN Washington
TAPIE, EDward Casamiro MM2c USN California
TAPP, Lambert Ray GM3c USN Kentucky
TARG, John CWTP USN California
TAYLOR, Aaron Gust MATT1c USN California
TAYLOR, Charles Benton EM3c USN Illinois
TAYLOR, Harry Theodore GM2c USN Indiana
TAYLOR, Robert Denzil COX USN Iowa
TEELING, Charles Madison CPRTP USNR California
TEER, Allen Ray EM1c USN California
TENNELL, Raymond Clifford S1c USN Texas
TERRELL, John Raymond F2c USN Arkansas
THEILLER, Rudolph S1c USN California
THOMAS, Houston O’Neal COX USN Texas
THOMAS, Randall James S1c USN West Virginia
THOMAS, Stanley Horace F3c USN
THOMAS, Vincent Duron COX USN California
THOMPSON, Charles Leroy S1c USN Illinois
THOMPSON, Irven Edgar S1c USN Ohio
THOMPSON, Robert Gary SC1c USN California
THORMAN, John Christopher EM2c USN Iowa
THORNTON, George Hayward GM3c USN Mississippi
TINER, Robert Reaves F2c USN Texas
TISDALE, William Esley CWTP USN California
TRIPLETT, Thomas Edgar S1c USN California
TROVATO, Tom S1c USN California
TUCKER, Raymond Edward COX USN Indiana
TUNTLAND, Earl Eugene S1c USN North Dakota
TURNIPSEED, John Morgan F3c USN Arkansas
TUSSEY, Lloyd Harold EM3c USN North Carolina
TYSON, Robert FC3c USN Louisiana
UHRENHOLDT, Andrew Curtis ENS USNR Wisconsin
VALENTE, Richard Dominic GM3c USN California
VAN ATTA, Garland Wade MM1c USN California
VAN HORN, James Randolf S2c USN Arizona
VARCHOL, Brinley GM2c USN Pennsylvania
VAUGHAN, William Frank PHM2c USN
VEEDER, Gordon Elliott S2c USN Idaho
VELIA, Galen Steve SM3c USN Kansas
VIEIRA, Alvaro Everett S2c USN Rhode Island
VOJTA, Walter Arnold S1c USN Minnesota
VOSTI, Anthony August GM3c USN California
WAGNER, Mearl James SC2c USN California
WAINWRIGHT, Silas Alonzo PHM1c USN New York
WAIT, Wayland Lemoyne S1c USN
WALKER, Bill S1c USN Texas
WALLACE, Houston Oliver WT1c USN Arkansas
WALLACE, James Frank S1c USN Wisconsin
WALLACE, Ralph Leroy F3c USN Oregon
WALLENSTIEN, Richard Henry S1c USN
WALTERS, Clarence Arthur S2c USN California
WALTERS, William Spurgeon Jr. FC3c USN New Mexico
WALTHER, Edward Alfred FC3c USN
WALTON, Alva Dowding Y3c USN Utah
WARD, Albert Lewis S1c USN Oklahoma
WARD, William E. COX USN Illinois
WATKINS, Lenvil Leo F2c USN Kentucky
WATSON, William Lafayette F3c USN Florida
WATTS, Sherman Maurice HA1c USN Arkansas
WATTS, Victor Ed GM3c USN Texas
WEAVER, Richard Walter S1c USN Nevada
WEBB, Carl Edward PFC USMC
WEBSTER, Harold Dwayne S2c USN Colorado
WEEDEN, Carl Alfred ENS USN Colorado
WEIDELL, William Peter S2c USN Minnesota
WEIER, Bernard Arthur PVT USMC Illinois
WELLER, Ludwig Fredrick CSKP USN California
WELLS, Floyd Arthur RM2c USN
WELLS, Harvey Anthony SF2c USN California
WELLS, Raymond Virgil Jr. S1c USN Missouri
WELLS, William Bennett S1c USN Missouri
WEST, Broadus Franklin S1c USN South Carolina
WEST, Webster Paul S1c USN Arkansas
WESTCOTT, William Percy Jr. S1c USN Indiana
WESTERFIELD, Ivan Ayers S1c USN California
WESTIN, Donald Vern F3c USN Oregon
WESTLUND, Fred Edwin BM2c USN California
WHITAKER, John William Jr. S1c USN Louisiana
WHITCOMB, Cecil Eugene EM3c USN Michigan
WHITE, Charles William MUS2c USN
WHITE, James Clifton F1c USN Texas
WHITE, Vernon Russell S1c USN South Carolina
WHITE, Volmer Dowin S1c USN Mississippi
WHITEHEAD, Ulmont Irving Jr. ENS USN Conneticut
WHITLOCK, Paul Morgan S2c USN Texas
WHITSON, Ernest Hubert Jr. MUS2c USN California
WHITT, William Byron GM3c USN Kentucky
WHITTEMORE, Andrew Tiny MATT2c USN Tennessee
WICK, Everett Morris FC3c USN Oregon
WICKLUND, John Joseph S1c USN Minnesota
WILCOX, Arnold Alfred QM2c USN Iowa
WILL, Joseph William S2c USN Colorado
WILLETTE, Laddie James S2c USN Michigan
WILLIAMS, Adrian Delton S1c USN Louisiana
WILLIAMS, Clyde Richard MUS2c USN Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, George Washington S1c USN Virginia
WILLIAMS, Jack Herman RM3c USNR South Carolina
WILLIAMS, Laurence “A” ENS(AV) USNR Ohio
WILLIAMSON, William Dean RM2c USNR California
WILLIS, Robert Kenneth Jr. S1c USN Louisiana
WILSON, Bernard Martin RM3c USNR New York
WILSON, Comer A. CBMP USN Alabama
WILSON, Hurschel Woodrow F2c USN Ohio
WILSON, John James S1c USN California
WILSON, Neil Mataweny CWO(MACH) USN California
WILSON, Ray Milo RM3c USNR Iowa
WIMBERLY, Paul Edwin GM3c USN Tennessee
WINDISH, Robert James PVT USMC Missouri
WINDLE, Robert England PFC USMC Illinois
WINTER, Edward WO(MACH) USNR Washington
WOJTKIEWICZ, Frank Peter CMMP USN California
WOLF, George Alexanderson Jr. ENS USNR Pennsylvania
WOOD, Harold Baker BM2c USN Colorado
WOOD, Horace Van S1c USN Texas
WOOD, Roy Eugene F1c USN Arizona
WOODS, Vernon Wesley S1c USN Texas
WOODS, William Anthony S2c USN New York
WOODWARD, Ardenne Allen MM2c USN California
WOODY, Harlan Fred S2c USN
WOOLF, Norman Bragg CWTP USN Alabama
WRIGHT, Edward Henry S2c USN Illinois
WYCKOFF, Robert Leroy F1c USN New Jersey
YATES, Elmer Elias SC3c USN Nebraska
YEATS, Charles Jr. COX USN Illinois
YOMINE, Frank Peter F2c USN Illinois
YOUNG, Eric Reed ENS USN Colorado
YOUNG, Glendale Rex S1c USN
YOUNG, Jay Wesley S1c USN Utah
YOUNG, Vivan Louis WT1c USN Virginia
ZEILER, John Virgel S1c USN Colorado
ZIEMBRICKE, Steve A. S1c USN New York
ZIMMERMAN, Fred Cox USN North Dakota
ZIMMERMAN,Lloyd McDonald S2c USN Missouri
ZWARUN, Jr. Michael S1c(S2c) USN New Jersey

Chicago Cubs Win Worlds Series, Ending 108 Year Drought!

1908 Chicago Cubs 1908 Chicago Cubs Score Card
Congratulations go out to the 2016 Chicago Cubs for their winning of the 2016 World Series against the Cleveland Indians. The 108 year drought has ended but to give some perspective about how long ago that was I thought it would be fun to see what kind of airplanes were flying back in 1908.
Zeppelin announces plans to build an airship. Farmin flies 1 kilometer at a height of 25-30 feet in a Voisin 1907 biplane
1908 AEA Red Wing flies 319 feet Charles Furnas becomes the first U.S. passenger, 1905 Wright Flyer
A new Wright Model A flyer. The flight lasts 1 minute 11 seconds Samuel Cody flies a British Army Aeroplane No. 1
Goupy No.1, the world’s first triplane Antoinette IV
Glenn Curtiss is awarded the Scientific American trophy for being the first person in the United States to make a public flight of over 1 km (0.62 mi) in the AEA June Bug It’s pretty amazing how far aviation has progressed since 1908! We now have airplanes that will fly faster than the speed of sound, they can fly without pilots on board, even fly around the world non stop and non refueled (December 14–23, 1986, Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager).
Are you a Cubs fan? Why not display it with this cool flag! Get it here: Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions
Here is a great book on Aviation history: Aircraft: The Definitive Visual History

Aviation Loses A Legend

Famous Airshow and Military/Test Pilot Robert A. “Bob” Hoover passed away October 25, 2016 (age 94). He will be missed.
He was born in Nashville, Tennessee and started his service with the U.S. Army Air Force in 1940 and served until 1948 when he left the Air Force to continue in the civilian side of aviation. He flew as a Test Pilot for North American Aviation but is perhaps most famous as an Airshow Pilot flying unbelievable routines in an Aero Commander, twin engined, Shrike Commander. His last airshow performance was at Sun ‘N’ Fun 2000 (he did not perform any aerobatics though).
Hoover received several military awards during his career such as: Distinguished Flying Cross, Soldier’s Medal for Valor, Air Medal with Clusters, Purple Heart, Croix de guerre and he received several civilian awards: Living Legends of Aviation Freedom of Flight Award, Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum Trophy, National Aeronautic Association’s Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy, and he was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame, and in the Aerospace Walk of Honor.

There is a highly researched three-year project documentary film about “Bob” Hoover that I just found and watched, it is fantastic! Get it here: “Flying the Feathered Edge”

1/3 Scale Bally Bomber Taxiing

I wanted to post a follow up from our previous post about the super cool 1/3 scale B-17 airplane project (Bally Bomber) and report that it has successfully moved under its own power! Click here to see the video of the B-17 taxiing. (It will take a second to load.)

If you want to see their website and view many more photos of the Bally Bomber just click on the link:
The Bally Bomber Project

I love this book “Flying Fortress” by Edward Jablonski and read it several times: “Flying Fortress”

C-172 Hanging From Ceiling At McCarran Las Vegas Airport

There is a 1958 Cessna 172 hanging from the ceiling in the north end of the Terminal 1 Baggage Claim area at the Las Vegas McCarran airport. But why is it there?

Aircraft (N9217B) restored 1958 Cessna 172 with 2 “pilots” aboard

In 1956 the Hacienda Hotel was the first family oriented hotel and casino in Las Vegas but due to its (then) far location at the southern end of the “strip” businessman investor, Warren “Doc” Bayley was worried about the casino’s reputation and decided to do something about it. In a publicity stunt disguised as a fund raiser for the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation it was decided that an an attempt to break the manned flight endurance world record would surely bring a lot of attention to the 266 room casino/hotel!
(It should be noted that it was actually Robert Timm, a slot machine mechanic and casino employee, that suggested the flight attempt but Bayley added the fund raising twist.)
Now that the flight was a go, and $100,000 was committed to the project, it was time for Timm and lead mechanic Irv Kuenzi to select and modify an airplane for the record breaking attempt. They chose a 1958 Cessna 172 and worked on it for a year modifying the interior, adding an extra fuel tank, modifying the oil system (so that the oil could be changed in flight), and adding the inflight refueling system.

Refueling would be accomplished by flying low to the ground, passing a fuel line to a speeding truck beneath them and refilling the tanks which took about three minutes to complete.
There were three attempts to complete the flight (none of which lasted more than 17 days) but on the fourth attempt they were successful.

World Endurance Flight Record:

• Time in the air: 64 days: 22 hours: 19 minutes: 05 seconds
• Pilots: 2- Robert Elgin Timm, John Wayne Cook
• Takeoff time: December 4, 1958, at 3:52 PM
• Landing time: February 7, 1959
• Additional hours placed on engine: 1558.32
• Cessna Serial number: 36772
• Color Airplane: Gibraltar Red and White exterior, Tahiti Tangerine interior
• FAA Registration: N9172B
• Engine: Continental O-300 (#13620) 145 H.P. six cylinder horizontal opposed engine.
• Total Fuel capacity: 142 gallons, Modified using 95 gallon Sorenson belly tank equipped with electric fuel pump to transfer fuel to wing tanks.
• Total Refueling operations: 128, Refueled over Blythe, California by truck. (3 minutes per refueling operation.)
• Number of Attempts Before Success: 3, The forth try was successful!